LC Photo Inspirations

By Linda Crispi



Canvas Photographs

These are original photographs that have been printed on canvas. They are beautiful as is or can be framed. Either way they will enhance any wall in your home or office. They are offered here in three sizes: 11X14, 16X20 or 20X24. Each canvas is gallery wrapped (the photo stretches across the frame), 1.5 in. thick, has a professionally closed backing and is ready to hang. If you are interested in other sizes please contact me for prices and other options.

Last Catch of the Day!

Last Catch of the Day was taken in Mattituck, New York.


Boats A Drift

Boats A Drift was taken at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful reminder of the simpler lazy days of summer.




Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove, located in Nova Scotia is a quaint fishing town.





Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.This photograph was taken mid-afternoon on a foggy day.



Orange Lily at Night

Orange Lily at Night - a beautifully detailed photograph of nightlife on a lily.




Bunches of Lily's at Night

Bunches of Lily's at Night

Reminds us that not all is asleep when the lights go out!



Into the Light

Into the Light

The relections on this photograph are stunning! This image looks amazing on canvas!




Midnight Angel

Midnight Angel is a favorite of mine. You will see this image in many different formats. It is stunning on canvas!





Pink  Lily at Night

Pink Lily at Night

 Very stunning picture that will enhance any wall space. This photo is dramatic and will be a great piece in any room.



Sundown in The Smokey Mountains

Sundown in the Smokey Mountains is a breath taking view of the Smokey Mountains at sundawn. This photograph can take you there!





Sundown in the Smokey's

Sundown in the Smokey's

A beautiful calming photograph of the Smokey Mountains at sundown. Fit to adorn any wall in your home!